SMC Becomes FORMOSA Ha Tinh 's steel supplier

Given the contract signed by Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Company and SMC Trad­ing Investment Joint Stock Company on November 19, 2012, SMC estimates to provide over 100,000 tons of construction steel for the project, including 10,000 tons for June due to high de­mand. This contract is imple­mented after work has been started on the Formosa Ha Tinh steel project after a pe­riod of location preparation, contractor selection and progress planning.

Besides, SMC will also sup­ply construction steel, hot- rolled steel sheets and rolled steel for sub-contractors of the Formosa project to build up works inside and outside the project such as work­ing areas, offices and expert dormitories. Structural steel installation packages are im­plemented by contractors from Vietnam and Taiwan.

FORMOSA project Delegation (Taiwan) visited SMC factory in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province

Warehouse system of SMC in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province

According to the latest press release, the Formosa steel project's investor is seeking approval from Ha Tinh Province's authorities and the Vietnamese govern­ment to spur investment capital of the project from US$9.9 billion to US$28.5 billion, making it the biggest project in terms of capital in the country. The project includes an iron and steel refining plant with three furnaces and yearly capac­ity of 10.5 million tons, Son Duong deepwater seaport with 32 wharves that can receive 300,000-ton vessels, a thermal power plant with the design capacity of 2,100 megawatts. The Formosa steel complex covers a total area of over 3,300 hectares, including over 2,000 hect­ares of land and 1,200 hect­ares of water surface.

Under this contract, for­eign financial institutes have given SMC high and prefer­ential credit limits to help the enterprise secure steel supplying for the Formosa project as requested by the investor.
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